Failed Wingnut Loser 'Unconcedes' NY-23 Race


Glenn Beck's wingnut bitch, Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party'slosing candidate in the NY-23 special election several weeks ago (remember that whole thing??), is so clueless about his current station in life that he has "unconceded" defeat to Democrat Bill Owens, who was sworn into the House on November 6 -- just in time for a health care vote! He was losing by 5,000 until some late ballots were counted a few days ago, which brought the margin down to about 3,000. And yeah, sure, maybe Al Gore famously unconceded to George Bush Junior in 2000, BUT LIKE AN HOUR AFTER CONCEDING, JESUS. About 10,000 absentee ballots remain, and Hoffman has like a 0.2% chance of winning. It was Glenn Beck who ordered him to unconcede, which makes sense, because Doug Hoffman is Glenn Beck's wingnut bitch. [The Hill]


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