Fake American Video Shows Iranian Boats Driving In Circles

capt.bfc3ab6de6904f8ca9bb81314469470c.iran_us_navy_ny123.jpgTalking to reporters about Iran's "provocative action" in the Persian Gulf, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley had strong words for Iran, which, as far as we can tell, sent three blue speed boats out to say creepy things to American naval commanders over the radio. Obviously, they were hoping that the memory of the USS Cole getting blown up by a speed boat had faded? Or that someone at HQ wouldn't let the ships fire on them? Or maybe Iran has its own drunken idiots? It's so hard to tell these days. We've got doctored infidel propaganda video after jump.

Anyway, en route to Bush's "historic" Middle East peace negotiations, Hadley told reporters it was "not a smart thing to do, and they are going to have to take responsibility for the consequences, if they do it again." Oh, and he added that he didn't mean that as a threat. He meant it as an invitation to a constructive dialog about the future of the Middle East, which may or may not eventually include a large, smoking hole where Iran used to be.

According to Iran, though, the thing never happened. A spokesman for the Republican Guard said that this was thrown together with file pictures and fabricated audio by the Pentagon. That spokesman was anonymous and offered no evidence, but that's not why his claim's not credible. We know a thing or two about doctoring images around here, and if we'd put this thing together, we wouldn't have used old boats from "Baywatch." Probably the Pentagon wouldn't have either. The audio at the end, though, does sound like it could have been recorded by Trey Parker.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/jRbYKKM5cAE&rel=1 expand=1]

Iranian TV: Pentagon Video, Audio Fake [AP]


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