Fake Billionaire Donald Trump Sets Up Post-Presidency GoFundMe PAC


Donald Trump's supporters are an assortment of all-day, fool-flavored suckers. That's admittedly harsh, so it's only fair to add that they're also racist. They refuse to accept that they are a minority within this country and that even with the Electoral College biased in their favor, their mad king still lost decisively. Now, like President Projection, they insist the only way Joe Biden could've won is if there was rampant voter fraud. (There wasn't.)

Talking Points Memo reports that Trump is currently sending inflammatory, unhinged emails to his cult members: "THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO STEAL THIS ELECTION!" and "We can't allow the Left-wing MOB to undermine our election." They are urged to donate to President Lame Duck's “election integrity" fund so he has the “resources" to combat democracy. Trump is supposedly a billionaire. If your broke ass is sending money to a sort-of billionaire so he can laugh in your face and give more tax breaks to his golf buddies, you are beyond stupid. You missed the last exit for stupid four years ago.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that there is no “election integrity" fund. That's because Trump has already lost this election and he has no integrity. As we've mentioned already, he's used a good portion of the donations so far to pay down his campaign debt. (Alas, Kimberly Guilfoyle's lap dances didn't generate as much revenue as hoped.) However, on Tuesday, most of the free money from fools started going to Trump's new leadership PAC called “Save America." This PAC's a little late, because Black women just finished saving America.

In the fine print of the fundraising blasts, it lays out that 60 percent of the contributions will first go to the new PAC, up to the maximum contribution of $5,000. The remaining 40 percent goes to the RNC up to the maximum $35,500. If that first 60 percent of the donation exceeds $5,000 the remnants go to the campaign's "recount account"; if the 40 percent exceeds the $35,500 RNC maximum, only then does it go to the RNC's legal defense fund.

"Not a penny is dedicated to a legal expense account unless donors have maxed out their contributions to the first two committees, $5,000 to the leadership PAC and $35,500 to the RNC," said Paul Ryan, vice president of policy and litigation at Common Cause.

According to the New York Times, Trump formed the “Save America" PAC as a way to maintain his stranglehold on the Republican Party. This so-called leadership PAC can accept annual donations of up to $5,000 per sucker. That's far less than the limits for Trump's campaign "committees" and the Republican National Committee, but it can accept donations from an unlimited number of morons, including other PACs. Trump also wouldn't have bother himself with anything so prosaic as actually doing something. It's the ultimate slush fund.

A leadership PAC could spend an unlimited amount in so-called independent expenditures to benefit other candidates, as well as fund travel, polling and consultants.

This is a political Kickstarter for Trump's post-presidency sore loser tours across the country. Ivanka Trump was once paid $746,000 in “consulting fees" from the company where she was already “employed." (Trump wrote it off as a “business expense.") We can expect similar grift for his family and most loyal cronies who might have trouble finding legitimate work once this nightmare is over.

Trump's campaign spokesman, Tim Murtaugh, confirmed that this scam has long been in the works.

"The president always planned to do this, win or lose," Mr. Murtaugh said, "so he can support candidates and issues he cares about, such as combating voter fraud."

The only candidate Donald Trump cares about is Donald Trump. The only issue he cares about his Donald Trump. His signature issue is apparently “voter fraud" because that's the only way he can reconcile Biden screaming on his ass like his dad. Meanwhile, COVID-19 has killed 240,241 on his watch and isn't done yet. But the only coronavirus casualty that matters to Trump is his own presidency.

[Talking Points Memo / New York Times]

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