Fake McCain Supporter Again Revealed As Fake

Fake McCain Supporter Again Revealed As Fake

OH THIS GUY. "Martin Eisenstadt" is a comic invention who surfaces every 8-10 weeks to releasesatirical videos about Rudy Giuliani and spread fake rumors about the McCain campaign. Your Wonkette has seriously fallen for this trick once, when Eisenstadt reported that Paris Hilton's family was FURIOUS about using their beloved blonde dingbat in McCain's celebrity video. It seemed true! And funny.

More recently, Eisenstadt claimed he'd seen Joe the Beady-Eyed Sociopath making out with Saturday Night Live's Kristen Wiig, an allegation that strained credulity simply because her taste couldn't possibly be that bad.

Now he says he is also the guy who spread the rumor about Sarah Palin thinking Africa was a country, not a continent. Of course we didn't believe it when he said he was the source, because he lies about everything, right?

A Senior Fellow at the Institute of Nonexistence [New York Times]


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