Fake Pic Haunts Arnold-Lovin' Politician

There's also a pic of him in the backyard, holding a rifle - Wonkette

Orange County Republican Trung Nguyen really loves Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even though he was actually at the local political event pictured here, he's not important enough to be standing next to the guv up on stage.

So Nguyen's campaign put his head on the guy in the tan suit -- even though Nguyen was photographed at the same event wearing a dark suit and not standing onstage next to Arnold. The crappy picture was published in the Orange County Vietnamese paper. SoCal bloggers exposed the evil trick and Nguyen dropped out of the county supervisors' race in shame. Just kidding! He's still running.

Trung Nguyen Photoshopped Into Picture With Schwarzenegger [Red County]


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