Fake 'West Wing' President Martin Sheen Endorses Obama Instead Of Old Fan Bill Clinton's Wife!

Here he is with another fake presidentSince his first choice for President didn't work out and now spends his days angrily catfighting with James Carville on CNN, President Josiah "Martin Estevez Sheen" Bartlet has found solace in the arms of Barack Obama. But just like his old crush Bill Richardson, he is afraid that former "Real President" Bill Clinton will be mad at him -- so he made his announcement overseas in England where none of the English-speaking public would let slip this shocking revelation.

On The Graham Norton Show, Sheen said, "Both Obama and Clinton came to me for support ... I haven't said this publicly before but I'm an Obama supporter. Bill Clinton loved The West Wing and still calls me the President, so I have to be careful."

Thanks to Secret Limey Wonkette Operative "Lucy" for bringing this very important news to our attention, writing, "He said he didn't want it getting out because Bill Clinton was a fan and he didn't want to offend. So why he said it on tv then is anyone's guess."

Martin Sheen Tells Graham Norton Who He Backs As President [Unreality Primetime]


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