Famed Romancer Ensign Not So Popular In Nevada Now

Famed Romancer Ensign Not So Popular In Nevada Now

Gee, usually when married people publicly confess to having a hot dirty sex affair with some person they're not married to, folks stand up and cheer! But for poor Senator John Ensign, it has only made him less popular. How exactly are he and fellow Republican adulterer Governor Jim Gibbons supposed to defeat the Mormon saint Harry Reid when they can't get voters to like them?

TO BE FAIR, an unpopular John Ensign is still more popular than Harry Reid, who is as reviled within his home state as he is outside of it. And yet Gibbons is inching dangerously into "slightly less popular than the child predator next door" territory, with only 10 percent of voters approving of him. So what will become of the grand Ensign-Gibbons coalition? Obviously they must seduce Harry Reid's wife.


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