Family Values Wingnuts Want To Impeach Gay Marriage Judge

Among the many social clubs for America's closeted homosexuals expressing outrage about theoverturning of the gay marriage ban in California, the American Family Association might be the angriest. They're taking some time from boycotting Gay Home Depot to make Congress impeach Judge Vaughn Walker, because they think he's a misbehaving gay tyrant.

The Constitutional Basis for the AFA's claims:

Since marriage policy is not established anywhere in the federal Constitution, defining marriage, according to the 10th Amendment, is an issue reserved for the states. Judge Walker never should have accepted this case in the first place.

Under Judge Walker, it's no longer "We the People," it's "I the Judge."

Um, OK ... so then what about the Defense of Marriage Act? Is that unconstitutional? Please explain this, AFA President Tim Wildmon and Friends, in a 20-page paper in which you also address this other argument you made:

Judge Walker is an open homosexual, and should have recused himself from this case due to his obvious conflict of interest.

Following this line of thinking:

  • Straight judges should recuse themselves from any case involving heterosexual marriage.

  • Any judge who pays taxes should not decide cases about taxes.

  • Any judge who is white should not judge a case involving white people.

  • Any judge who shops at Gay Home Depot should not even be a judge.

The paper should be double-spaced, with footnotes, and no crazy fonts please. Please turn it in by next Friday at the latest. [American Family Association]


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