Famous-for-Famous in DC? Filming in Cleveland Park

A reader writes in to report that

There are over a dozen film trucks on Ordway Street in Cleveland Park right now, and easily 75 people walking around with badges, walkie talkies, etc. Even though it's raining, it seems there is some big, BIG film shoot going on in the area right now (8:45am Tuesday). Any idea what it could be?
Now, this is about two blocks from Wonkette HQ, so, theoretically, we could go out and do that thing where you speak to people about things they "know," but it's raining and our computer is warm and dry. Besides, that's what commuters are for. Anyhow, we know that Nicole Kidman's filming "The Visiting" now... has "Syriana" wrapped? Let us know:

UPDATE: Tis "The Visiting" which is has dropped by. If you see Nicole, tell her Katie Holmes is a scabby suffix-for-hire and she deserves better, anyway.


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