Famous Marijuana Actor Shows Up For Work

Kalpen Modi, or "Kal Penn," as he's known to people who like stoner movies, pulled a reverse Palin several months ago when he decided he could better effect change in government by actually working for the government. So he got a job, with the stoner president's White House! And now, many months later, he finally got to experience theheartbreaking drudgery that is anyone's first day on a government job.

"First-day prep is pretty similar for a lot of folks on the team here at the White House—there's a lot of paperwork, a lot of introductory meetings, getting your E-mail account set up, and getting situated and settled," he tells reporters. "But I'm very eager to dive in, so I'm happy we're starting out today."

He's an associate director in the White House's Office of Public Engagement, which is a very fancy title for a common marijuana farmer.

Kal Penn Lands in D.C., Begins White House Job [Reliable Source]

Kal Penn Starts Work at the White House [US News & World Report]


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