Famous Progressive Scott Walker Declares 'Employee Recognition Day'

Famous Progressive Scott Walker Declares 'Employee Recognition Day'

Uh oh, progressive governor Scott Walker would like to say "thank you" to the men and women who work in public service. That can't be good. He wants you to send him the names, personal contact information, and places of work of certain state employees. So he's finally finished those gas chambers he was working on, huh?

At first, we thought, nah, Scott Walker doesn't want a list of all the best public employees in the state so he can put them under surveillance and fire them. He's just doing this to make himself look less evil. When you go to the website, his website, that he mentions, there's the video, but the nomination form is nowhere to be found.

But eventually we tracked the form down. Here's what it looks like, after you're supposed to give your contact information so he can put you down on an "in league with the workers" hit list or whatever:

Who would know the residential address and phone number of a state employee they randomly come across? Nobody. And look at the amount of space they give you for the "why does this person deserve to be recognized" box. That's not enough for more than a word or two. This is being used for NEFARIOUS MEANS. Nice try, Scott Walker! We should all "nominate" Scott Walker for this "State Employee Who Isn't a Corrosive Marxist Agent" award, and then his goons will mistakenly throw him in jail with the rest of the other "excellent" state employees when he declares martial law and suspends habeas corpus in approximately a month. [YouTube/Scott Walker]


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