Famous Teabag-Beat Reporter Dave Weigel Apologizing Again

Famous Teabag-Beat Reporter Dave Weigel Apologizing Again

The illiterate who ineptly cuts-and-pastes things at "Fishbowl DC" (remember that site?) is trying to get some traffic for the long-ignored MediaBistro blog by posting some banal crap from that"JournoList" email group the media kids in town use to send emails to each other. What could turn that into some SEO traffic, two years after the Politico pretended it was a Hot Story for six hours? Why not claim that actual reporter Dave Weigel is the Washington Post's "conservative blogger" and make up some dispute with "liberal bloggers" and then throw in mentions of teabaggers, the Drudge Report, and Michael Calderone. And put "scathing e-mails" in the hed. Will that do it? Uh, probably not.

Weigel, who apparently spends half his time at the Post apologizing for the mild stuff he types on his blog or Twitter -- because the teabagger people he covers are notoriously thin-skinned -- wisely decided to keep this Media Bistro person from getting any desperately needed traffic. He apologized to his readers for whatever utterly uncontroversial things he typed on a private email list, quoted the allegedly offensive parts so they're out there for all to see, and hopefully that will be the end of it.

It is kind of shocking that the Post -- an awful newspaper that employs a dementia ward's worth of idiot old neo-con hacks who spew the most vile, dangerous bullshit on a daily basis -- ever hired somebody like Weigel. We have long admired his weird obsessions and actual shoe-leather reporting. But it's getting ridiculous that he is either forced or feels compelled to constantly apologize for everything. HEY, THE ATLANTIC, why don't you people solve this problem? Or Weigel, how about just start acting like a privileged asshole who can say/do whatever he wants. It's the way of the Washington Post!

Never apologize, never explain. [Dave Weigel]


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