Fancy Political Elite Enjoys Granola, Hot Food For Breakfast


While the rest of us fight over cigarette butts in the gutter by the bus stop before the sun comes up, our nation's powerful political and media elite are fond of elaborate "break-fast" rituals costing a normal American's entire daily wages! Plus, all the conservative tough guys eat gay stuff like granola and yogurt. All the delicious details, after the jump.

The foodie website Saveur (which means "Jesus") asked the fancy folks of D.C. about their breakfasting habits. Our favorite replies:

  • JIM LEHRER: "A chocolate granola bar and black coffee. Sometimes, an open-face cheese sandwich."
  • SEN. MITCH MCCONNELL: "Cantaloupe and cereal with blueberries, strawberries, or peaches and a glass of orange juice."
  • DANA MILBANK: "I make myself a big latte on my espresso machine, then make some oatmeal or Egg Beaters in the microwave. On weekends, I like to take my four-year-old to Chevy Chase Diner."
  • MARION BARRY: "At home, oatmeal, a peach or a pear, and a glass of juice. Over a morning meeting, as a treat, eggs benedict with a side of fruit." [And four hits of crack. -- Ed.]
  • DAVID HOROWITZ: "Bowl of Special K, usually with blueberries, raspberries, or bananas. After that I have a cup of black coffee with a Happy Valley granola bar."
  • TOM BROKAW: "Breakfast varies for me, but the most consistent item is coffee—large and black, or a large cappuccino with skim milk. I'm mostly a granola and yogurt man, except about once a month, when I crave a toasted sesame seed bagel sandwich with two scrambled eggs and two strips of crispy bacon. Occasionally I'll do french toast with good maple syrup."
  • BARACK OBAMA: "Four to six eggs, potatoes, and wheat toast. Every now and then, fruit, bacon, and oatmeal."

Breakfast of Champions [Saveur]


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