How long before Hank steps down?Alphonso Jackson, the soon-to-depart Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, built a long and distinguished career on failure. He presided over a massive meltdown in the mortgage and lending markets by doing precisely nothing, even though the HUD oversees the Federal Housing Administration, which is supposed to ensure that poor people and first-time home buyers don't end up impoverished and homeless when their loans go south. ANYHOW The Dumbocrats have been calling for his resignation, and now he is resigning. Not because he is terrible at his job, though! Because he needs to spend more time with his family, which does not yet hate him. That will change.

Jackson has been accused of various bad things such as punishing the Philadelphia housing authority for blocking a deal that involved a friend of his.

He was also once on the receiving end of a long and thorough probe following allegations that he encouraged underlings at HUD to play favorites with contracts.

Throughout his tenure, Jackson stood up for his pals. He "personally intervened with contractors whom he did not like . . . these contractors had Democratic political affiliations," according to one report. He was an unapologetic man of principle, and he will be missed, except by his family which will have to hang out with him all the time now.

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