Farewell Janice Daniels, Celebrated Homophobe Mayor and Facebook Poet

Farewell Janice Daniels, Celebrated Homophobe Mayor and Facebook Poet

As we continue to mourn our Fallen Heroes, let us not forget Mayor Janice Daniels of Troy, Michigan! This beloved character danced onto the pages of our Wonkette storybook earlier this year, when she put on her Snuggie, logged into her The Facebook account, andstarted yelling "QUEERS!!!!"at children. It did not take long for the people of Troy to decide they did not care for this Janice Daniels, because Troy is supposed to be known for its fancy mall, not an insane mayor. (The existence of Janice Daniels as mayor was a clear infringement upon Detroit's exclusive rights to pathological mayors.) Last night, the people of Troy (Trojans?) successfully recalled their mayor, and so today, we offer a sincere slow-clap for them, and a big "I Heart NYC" gift bag full of tears for Janice Daniels.

Or rather, we offer a slow-clap to the slight majority of Troy voters who recalled Janice Daniels.

It was a tight race throughout, but the effort to recall Troy Mayor Janice Daniels officially passed early Wednesday morning.

With all 31 precincts reporting, the yes vote won 20,763 to 18,993.

“We’re estatic,” said Matt Binkowski, spokesman for the effort to recall the embattled mayor.

“We’re very happy that Troy can now finally move forward and the embarrassment of Janice Daniels’ short term as mayor is finally over.”

Victory party at Panda Express! But not for Janice Daniels.

Binkowski said the campaign has been a long one.

“Unfortunately, a lot of feelings have been hurt on both sides. I think this is the best thing for Troy.”

Daniels was confident earlier in the evening, but she was unavailable for comment when the final results came down.

Good bye, Janice Daniels! You keep rocking that signature Middle Eastern man-flair. [Royal Oak Daily Tribune]


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