Farrah Ashline Explained

What's with the Farrah Ashline posts, you ask? Well, it's not everyday an alleged prostitute comes to town, tries to start a "massage" business, sets up shop as a would-be internet millionaire, stiffs her employees and then, when finally written about in a negative fashion, demands the local paper balance their coverage of whores: "If you were going to write about women who in turn were prostitutes, why not feature one of our great American poets, Maya Angelou?"

In short, Farrah Ashline is the best thing to happen to this town since Dick Morris sucked some toes. (Don't know if she's Monica-level best thing. . . not yet.)

And there's potential for it to get sooooo much better: We hear Farrah has applied to be on the next season of "The Apprentice."

She's an obvious choice, let's hope the producers see that. And we think she has a chance to win the whole thing. All those other girls just acted like they'd blow the Donald. . .


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