Fascists Took My Gun, Blog & Hamburger

'Sup, little dudes? What's that thing on your left arms? Are you LEFTISTS? - WonketteCyber-libertarian hero R.U. Sirius asked some Great Minds if America has already become a fascist state, but he also asked Wonkette's West Coast Bureau Chief (who used to write for R.U.'s Getting It) to answer the question. The somber yet comical results can be found at 10 Zen Monkeys, Mr. Sirius' delightful new webzine.

Susie Bright,Douglas Rushkoff,Norman Solomon and Tikkun's Michael Lerner are among the smart folk who contributed. Christopher Hitchens, Noam Chomsky and Maureen Dowd were among those who refused to participate, because they hate freedom ... or, they hate to write for free. Also, your West Coast editor has been chided for suggesting that Concerned Citizens go to DC, heavily armed, and clean house. Tough crowd! Thomas Jefferson (and Keith Richards) always said a little violent revolution is good for liberty.

Is It Fascism Yet? [10 Zen Monkeys]

Is It Fascism Yet? Experts Disagree [Reason Hit & Run]


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