Drunken Muslim-Hating Wingnut Creep-Child Stabs Cabbie

Drunken Muslim-Hating Wingnut Creep-Child Stabs Cabbie

  • Wingnut anti-Muslim hysteria finally turned violent in New York this week, when a psychopathic rat-eyed 21-year-old blob obsessed with American soldiers and burning with insane hatred for American Muslims repeatedly stabbed a Manhattan taxi driver in the throat with one of those stupid "Leatherman" pocket knives. "I saw so much anger on his face, so much hate," 43-year-old cabbie Ahmed Sharif said. "I begged him, 'Please don't kill me.' I was thinking about my four kids." Sharif, an American resident for a quarter century, was able to shut the partition window and lock the drunken lunatic in the back of the cab until police arrived. They charged Michael Enright, 21, with "attempted murder as a hate crime." Supposedly a film student from upstate, Enright had spent a month videotaping U.S. troops in Afghanistan and had a Facebook page filled with the usual stuff (see picture at top right). Enright had a notebook full of crazy anti-Muslim racism and was so drunk he could barely walk. Sharif has huge gashes in his throat but is recovering. The "9/11 Mosque" angle? Yeah, Sharif says his would-be killer was ranting about the Cordoba House project in Manhattan. UPDATE: Or not, as that detail seems to be missing from the NYDN story we read a few hours ago. Anyway, Enright would've been about 11 years old on September 11, 2001. [New York Daily News/The Awl/Talking Points Memo/New York Times]
  • The bullet-pocked corpses of 72 Latino migrants were found on a ranch in northeast Mexico after a deadly shootout between a gang and the Mexican military. The news here, apparently, is that the victims were slaughtered because they couldn't pay human smugglers the fee demanded to get them across the U.S. border. Most of the killing fields in Mexico these days are littered with the bodies of people connected in some way or other to the Drug Wars -- for instance, the baby deliberately shot last week had chosen to be in the same house as some guy a drug gang chased inside. Random women in Juarez are also murdered by the hundreds for no apparent reason. Here's a fun quote from a Ciudad Juarez policeman: "The killings here are medieval. We have bodies hung headless from bridges, stuffed upside down in giant cactus pots, lined up by a school playing field with their penises rammed in their mouths. Often, they are accompanied by messages written on walls in the victim's blood." [CNN]
  • Alaska wingnut Joe Miller's lead has narrowed to 1,668 votes over Senator Lisa Murkowski in the snowbilly state's GOP primary. But if Miller the Palindrone does win, it will be because he regularly frothed about teen abortions while Lisa M. just wasn't crazy enough. [Anchorage Daily News/ADN]

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