Nikki Haley Talkin' Sh*t About Makin' Deals With The Devil. Yes, Really.

Conservatives are in chaos. Again. Why? Because the past six years have done more to erode every fairytale they've told since the Reagan years, and none moreso than what they once considered their greatest crown jewel: foreign policy.

So let's take a look at Nikki Haley on "Meet The Press," you'll see what we mean.

Speaking of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Haley tried to sound tough by outlining steps the Biden Administration should be taking to oppose Vladimir Putin (much which they are already doing) like providing weapons and sanctions. But Haley, like most Republicans, believes if she just keeps saying Donald Trump was tough on Putin, people will be tricked into believing it.

Todd played a clip of former Vice President Mike Pence denouncing Putin apologists, which would have sounded tough if we also didn't have footage of Pence kissing Vlad's ass to insult President Barack Obama. Todd asked Haley to comment on those singing the praises of Putin, including Trump.

Haley tried to rewrite history, only to encounter one of Chuck Todd's fleeting moments of journalistic pushback:

TODD: [T]he Trump administration, Trump personally tried to roll back sanctions on Russia in 2017. He did – they tried to lobby Congress to weaken Russian sanctions and legislation in 2017. He tried to remove sanctions on a Russian oligarch company in 2018. Delayed chemical weapon sanctions that were required by law against Russia. And let's not forget, holding Ukrainian military aid hostage for a political stunt. How did – you don't think any of those things [...] sent a message to Vladimir Putin that America is divided, the West is divided and he can get away with whatever he wants?

Haley tried pathetically defend it.

HALEY: You said it in every one of those things. You kept saying, “He tried.” All I know is what he did.

Remember: It's not a crime if you "tried" but didn't succeed. That's how it works, according to Nikki Haley.

But the best part was when Haley made the following comment without a hint of irony or self-awareness.

HALEY: Why are we even ho-humming around the fact that we're still taking Russian oil? Why are we doing that? Why would we take money from – from evil dictators? You never sleep with the devil because then the devil owns you. The Europeans are finding that out right now. We need to be smarter than that.

Todd asked one last fleeting question that made the whole "devil''s bargain" line even funnier:

TODD: Very quickly, does Donald Trump's 2024 plans impact your 2024 plans?

HALEY: I have said that if President Trump runs, I will not run.

Guess that particular devil keeps his souls on retainer.

To think anyone ever took Haley for a "serious" Republican is amazing.

Have a week!

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