FBI Director Reminds Republicans Hillary Clinton Didn't Do Email Crimes, No Really Dude, Stop It


FBI Director James Comey went before Congress yet again Wednesday to explain that Hillary Clinton is not an email criminal, did not get preferential treatment because she's Hillary Clinton, and also did not force him to let her escape prosecution by means of any hexes, potions, nostrums, philtres, spells, or even the Cruciatus Curse. No matter how much they may wish it otherwise, she simply is not an e-crimer or traitor, or even a misdemeanorer. Also, would people please stop sending him those Alex Jones "Hillary for Prison" tee shirts, because the Director of the FBI does not even wear tee shirts. As Wonkette blogpal Tommy Christopher notes,

One bit of underreported news to emerge from these hearings is the fact that when Director Comey was asked if he believes that Hillary Clinton committed a crime with regard to the handling of classified information, he went a good deal further than he had in his July press conference, at which he tried to strike a balance between scolding Hillary Clinton and exonerating her.

Back in July, Comey had said "no reasonable prosecutor" would pursue a criminal case against Clinton, but he apparently felt the need to clarify one more time, since so many completely unreasonable would-be prosecutors have popped up since then to say "Hell's bells, I'd give 'er a shot!" At a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee Wednesday, he was a bit more definite, telling Sen. Ben Sasse there was "no evidence" to support a prosecution:

FBI Director Comey Says 'There Is No Evidence...by DailyPolitics

Sasse: Do you think that Secretary Clinton break any laws related to classified data?

Comey: We have no evidence sufficient to justify the conclusion that she violated any of the statutes related to classified information.

Not that this is going to settle anything of course, since Comey refused to go quite so far as to say that all of Hillary Clinton's statements to FBI investigators were "truthful" -- rather, from his perspective as a law enforcement type, he was satisfied that nothing she said was untruthful.

Republicans are almost certain to conclude that "no evidence" of wrongdoing is entirely too generous a standard, because this is Hillary Clinton, after all -- she has to be guilty of something.

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