FBI Warns Boogaloo Extremists Also Standing By For Some Civil War, So There's That
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On Tuesday, the same day Donald Trump advised the Proud Boys they should "stand back and stand by" before they continue to bust heads of "antifa and the Left," the FBI field office in Dallas issued a report warning of the potential for extremist violence from a different far-Right group. The Nationobtained a copy of the report, which isn't classified, but is marked FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY and LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE. It warns that adherents of the "boogaloo" movement, which seeks to spark or at least really enjoy a second civil war, are likely to increase their activities between now and the inauguration in January, with the potential for violence or at the very least a lot of really dank memes you normies won't get.

Yes, that would be on the same day that Trump insisted, "Almost everything I see is from the left wing, not the right wing." Because of course that's all he'd notice. Rightwing violence is Trump's thing, and he thinks violence is a really good thing, though he may prefer it be inflicted by agents of the state against reporters and protesters, who are no different from "rioters."

The report has the lyrical title "Boogaloo Adherents Likely Increasing Anti-Government Violent Rhetoric and Activities, Increasing Domestic Violent Extremist Threat in the FBI Dallas Area of Responsibility," and notes that it was prepared using "social media posts, news reports, joint DHS-FBI-NCTC intelligence products, and reporting from FBI human sources," the last of which suggests the FBI has a mole or two in, or adjacent to, boogaloo groups.

The Dallas field office says that "militia violent extremists (MVEs) and other anti-government or anti-authority violent extremists" are likely ramping up "anti-government violent rhetoric and criminal activities," and that this could increase the "threat of violent lone actors" in the Dallas/North Texas area. In addition, the report says boogalooers are probably "influencing individuals already suspicious of perceived US Government (USG) overreach" in response to the coronavirus pandemic and protests against police violence, which could increase "the threat of violence at otherwise peaceful protests."

That doesn't sound good!

The report warns that the increased boogaloo activity is likely to continue at least until the presidential inauguration, with the "presidential elections acting as a potential flashpoint," which is certainly in keeping with all the yahoos promising they'll take to the streets if Trump loses, not to mention Trump's own insistence that the only way he won't be reelected is if Democrats rig the election.

The report notes that there have already been instances of violence connected to the boogaloo movement, in particular the murders of two law enforcement officers in Oakland by Steven Carillo, who hoped the killings during a Black Lives Matter protest would start a civil war. Instead, they just led to members of Congress lying and claiming the killings were perpetrated by the protesters, but hey, maybe lies like that will spark a civil war, too. In addition, the Nation notes,

[In] September, two other Boogaloo members were arrested and charged with providing material support to Hamas. The two men are alleged to have told an FBI informant posing as a Hamas member that they shared a common ideology in opposing the US government, and offered to act as mercenaries.

The report also notes some of the information it got from several "human sources," such as one person who had "direct access" to a boogaloo group, and quoted one boogaloo gent saying he "would 'hunt' anti-fascist anarchists and kill any Dallas looters." Another human source reported that a boogaloo adherent "posted that he kept track of National Guard movements within the state of Texas" and that the same "domestic violent extremist" ("DVE-1") had "coordinated a quick reaction force (QRF) to Oklahoma in support of an anti-government or anti-authority extremist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, who was arrested by the FBI."

Well heck, sending a bunch of armed loonies to protest the arrest of another violent loony is clearly protected by the First Amendment, so why is the FBI suggesting that's the least bit untoward? To be fair, the report does note that, short of specific threats or violent actions, many of the activities it chronicles are indeed protected by the First Amendment — but that they also "indicate a propensity toward violence and acquiring weapons that cause mass casualties, used by a small number of attackers." It also notes that several boogalooers have "conducted violent attacks, showing the boogaloo concept attracts lone actors." The large presence of boogalooers at protests against masks and police violence, and the loose organizational structure of the movement, are also factors that are "favorable to such lone actor activity."

That would be the sort of loose organizational structure that's inspired any number of rightwing terrorists, from the "White Rabbit Militia" that was arrested for bombing a mosque and planned to bomb more, to lone idiots taking to social media to announce their plans for war following the November election regardless of the outcome, like the charming fellow in this video:

As for Donald Trump's insistence that there's a lot more violence from "the Left" or "antifa," it's worth noting that the FBI found no evidence of antifa involvement in the looting that occurred in Minneapolis following George Floyd's killing. Further, at least until the killing of that rightwing guy in the Portland truck parade, no antifa people have been implicated in any murders, as opposed to the well-documented propensity of the radical Right for domestic terrorism.

Thank goodness Donald Trump has been urging his supporters to show up as self-appointed "poll watchers" on Election Day, and even during early voting. We can't see anything possibly going wrong there.

Here's the full Dallas FBI field office report, for your reading pleasure. Let's be careful out there.

[Nation / Image: Video screenshot, Vice News on Youtube]

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