F'dom is on the March in America

fdubya.jpgAttention, George Soros. Or maybe Teresa Heinz Kerry. If you've got $5000 to blow on "an actual government issued Anti Bush item," may we direct you to this "F Dubya" license plate currently on sale at Ebay? Here's an excerpt from a letter the state of Washington's Department of Licensing sent to the license plate's seller, explaining why it was unsafe at any speed:

The Department of Licensing has received several complaints regarding your license plate FDUBYA. The personalized license plate committee reviewed all the documentation and decided to cancel your plate because the message is offensive to good taste and decency.

We were skeptical at first, but called up the Department of Licensing, and, yes, it's true. Which is kind of sad, if you ask us. When you bring up the president, is there no other possible connotation for the letter "F" than "Fuck"? Or is it the "Dubya" part that's "offensive to good taste and decency"? Also note: it's a trend. This happened in California too.

F DUBYA Actual state issued License Plate [eBay]

DMV censors won't grant license to offend [San Diego Union-Tribune]


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