Fear-mongering Rumor News Update!

usa! usa! usa! - WonketteResponding to our exciting post about unsubstantiated TSA screening rumors, a Homeland Security Insider tells us it could be very, very ugly:

I have heard that TSA will be banning all electronics, to include cell phones. Of course, I immediately laughed that one off. Have you ever tried prying the phone from a Member of Congress? They seriously expect people to check their phones and Palms? There is no way they'll let that happen. Well, except for the fact that the leadership at DHS is all about overreacting to the small stuff.

Also, I think a case could be made for not allowing them to ban our iPods and other forms of human-interaction-avoidance. It would be cruel and unusual punishment to relegate us to the "radio" stations currently playing on airlines, not to mention a hygiene issue with all those reused headphones. Blech.

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