Feathered Joker Is Serious About Obama's Child Abuse of Monopoly Money


Thank you, Wonkette Patriot-Operatives around this great nation, for all the weird pictures you've sent to your Wonkette. Here's a new batch of Liberty, as seen by you, the Libertines.

You know how long these people have waited for a chance to say GO BACK TO AFRICA to black people in America? And now it's just an "anger at government statement," ha ha, nothing more to it than that!

The unholy mix of Internet goths & Paultards & Jesus-loving plump-tard Americans Against Kenyans is best illustrated by this gloomy gal in her best exurban day-bat grunge cheerleader outfit complete Beetlejuice hand-socks and Hot Topic's popular "Fuck Your God in Latino gang font" black tee with a hastily added Obama/Batman vs. the Joker/Socialism printout sort of half covering "God." We'd hit it.

Ruh-roh, looks like the teabaggers' day-care teacher showed up to keep everybody in line. No biting your friends, even if they won't give you their bag of cheeseburgers! And no pooping in the street!

Thanks much to "Chris R." and "Matthew A." for the fine photographs.


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