Activist Federal Judge: ObamaKKKare Death Panels Are Constitutional

  • In perhaps the most important decision since Roe v. Wade or maybe even Thomas Jefferson v. Illegitimate Slave Children, a federal judge upheld Barack Obama's sinister "health insurance for everyone" death pyramid scheme. Legal scholars around the world are puzzled as to why the judge ruled in favor of Communism and against the patriot-plaintiffs, a "Christian legal group and four people" (who are not Christians?). But oh well, Barack Obama's evil law forcing every American to have health insurance by 2014 (and fining people for skipping coverage) is legal! There is a case just like this one currently being argued in basically every single state, so the hope is that maybe a judge with half a brain will rule in favor of impeaching Obama. [AP]

  • Joe Miller has serious credit card debt, and also a sizable student loan that needs to be repaid. Maybe he should stop being such a sourpuss and just endorse Sarah Palin for President? Then Todd could send an email to Joe's lender explaining how Mr. Miller has been "working all morning on repaying that student loan, but now he's never going to do it because he's running for Senate." [McClatchy]

  • A new CBS poll says Republicans have widened their lead in the "generic ballot," which sounds pretty vague. [CBS]


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