Dolly Parton Will Always Love You, And You, And Everyone Except Possibly This Federalist Idiot

Dolly Parton Will Always Love You, And You, And Everyone Except Possibly This Federalist Idiot

Comedy website The Federalist has been very angry at Disney lately. The conservative equivalent of post-sleep eye gunk is pissed off that after Disney angered its significant cadre of LGBTQ+ fans and employees by keeping quiet as Florida's infamous "Don't Say Gay" bill wound its way through the state Legislature, it announced that it would work to get the bill repealed.

Okay, so you're a conservative and you do not want to take your kids to the Weimar-era Berlin fetish club that is Disney World due to its horrific insistence on treating gay and transgender people as human beings deserving of respect and dignity. So where do you take them? How about the theme park run by noted homophobe and trans-hater, uh, let's double-check the notes here ... Dolly Parton?

And yet, here we go with the story of a Federalist writer who found herself in Tennessee and could have just taken her kids to Dollywood without making it sound like a blow against liberals and greedy consumerism and the dreaded Homosexual Agenda. But she just can't help herself. Here is a sampling:

It’s not just the recent visibility of the longstanding fact that Disney’s post-Walt corporate leadership works to undermine sexual wholeness, but also about the greedy commercialization of the Disney brand. [...]

Even setting aside their recently revealed support for destroying human happiness through sexual chaos... [...]

These are terrible values that can and do destroy people just as much as severing their genitals.

These guys think more about transitioning than people who are actually transitioning do.

Dollywood, on the other hand, that I can get into. The only message Dollywood pushed is that people should love each other.

That's a great message! After all, Dolly Parton is a longtime advocate for and icon of the LGBTQ+ community. Among her actions in support of those icky homos and trannies that the Federalist is so pissed at Disney for recognizing they exist:

  • Nominated for an Oscar for her song "Travelin' Thru" from the movie Transamerica, about — you guessed it — a trans woman reconnecting with her long-estranged son.
  • Won the GLAAD Media Award two years ago for the portrayal of a gay person in an episode of her Netflix series "Heartstrings."
  • Been a longtime supporter of gay marriage.
  • Once told an interviewer that Christians who attack LGBTQ+ people are sinners themselves for passing judgment.

Tolerance! Love of others! Not judging people! This is the message Dolly Parton has preached for decades. It's also the message Disney is trying (lamely and belatedly) to send by opposing the "Don't Say Gay" bill. You know, the bill that has earned the sneering contempt of the Federalist.

Maybe one day a conservative will visit Dollywood and hear Dolly's message of tolerance for everyone regardless of sexual orientation or self-identity. We can dream!

[The Federalist]

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