Feds Target Brian Ross & His Fake Cell Phone

It's going to be bright and sunny today! - WonketteABC News investigative star Brian Ross has finally gone too far with his "I'm talking on this pretend cell phone" picture: Now the Feds are trying to record all the calls made on the fake mobile.

"It's time for you to get some new cell phones, quick," a mysterious fed official told Ross and sidekick Richard Esposito during a mysterious secret in-person meeting at a park bench along the National Mall, with the Lincoln Memorial sitting ominously in the background.

Reporters are being spied on by the CIA, NSA, White House, Pentagon, FBI, DIA, Justice Department and probably the Washington Post. Ross and Esposito say they don't know what specific criminal government action the conspirators are trying to protect, but presume ABC News reporting about those CIA Predator missiles being used inside Pakistan is involved.

Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You're Calling [ABC Blotter]


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