Feel Free To Start Vandalizing George W. Bush's Wikipedia Page, Everybody!


The wisdom of crowds!Have you been sad because your super-clever attempts to replace the entire text of the Sarah Palin Wikipedia page with "EVIL DEVIL WOMAN, HER EYES, DON'T LOOK INTO HER EYES" keep getting blocked because the page is "protected"? Well, it's time to celebrate!

Wikipedia has a new system in place that will allow new and anonymous editors to take part in the great intellectual project! Unfortunately, these people will still need to have their edits signed off on by some "trusted editors," so you will still find it difficult to replace all pictures of Karl Rove with donkey pornography, or reveal Barack Obama's true birthplace. Try being more subtle, by inserting a single sentence stating that George Bush's middle initial "Dubya" stands for "Doody Head." [BBC]


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