Felled Southern Slaveowner Could Plan Coup Against Michael Steele, In Hawaii


Former South Carolina GOP chair Katon Dawson wanted so bad to earn his nut as chairman of the Republican National Committee in last year'shysterical six-dimensional gangbang of an internal election process, one that hilariously culminated in Michael Steele's first-ever victory in any contest. Dawson yearned so much for this position that he even resigned his beloved membership at a slaveowners' country club which only whites could attend, unless of course they were slaves. This move backfired on Dawson, however, as the RNC voting body figured, "well if Dawson's so much of a loser that he'll distance himself from our favorite institution -- slavery -- we might as well just cold elect an actual slave, who will do what we tell him." But the Steele Administration has produced "mixed results," and now Dawson and the remaining White Leadership of the party will fly to Hawaii to draft their plot to kill Michael Steele.

Hey look, a story from the brand-new Tucker Fucker:

Former South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson denies there’s a coup in the works to replace RNC Chairman Michael Steele, but refuses to say whether he’s been encouraged by Republican friends to make himself known in case the RNC chairman is ousted from office.

Dawson, who lost to Steele by only 14 votes to lead the RNC last year, raised eyebrows with news that he will travel to the committee’s winter meeting in Hawaii on Jan. 25 — where Steele could face reprimand by committee members — as a substitute for South Carolina’s chairwoman.

Republicans have blamed Steele for overshadowing last week’s news of high-profile Democratic retirements with comments that the GOP would not win back the House. Steele has also come under fire recently for giving paid speeches and for low fundraising numbers.

Asked whether committee members have approached him to gauge his interest in replacing Steele, Dawson declined to comment. He dismissed the notion that the trip is about making himself visible while frustration with Steele is high.

“Me going to Honolulu has nothing to do with that,” he said, maintaining he’s merely going to “reconnect with people.”

Dawson said he “planned weeks ago” to go to the meeting as a substitute for the current South Carolina GOP chairwoman, who will be absent because of a conflict.

“I have no anticipation of anyone replacing Chairman Steele,” he said.

Oh yeah, Colonel Racist? Then why have you already started rebuilding your reputation among slaveowner colleagues?

Former SCGOP Chairman Katon Dawson has rejoined the “whites only” country club that he publicly bolted a year ago while running for chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), multiple sources at the club have told FITS.

Dawson resigned his membership at the Forest Lake Country Club last September – right around the time local media outlets were preparing to write a story about it. The issued dogged Dawson in the race for RNC Chairman, a contest he eventually lost to former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele in January.

Ha ha ha, he literally rejoined it.

Katon Dawson denies possible coup to replace Michael Steele as Republican National Committee chairman [Daily Caller via Marc Ambinder]


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