Fellow Republicans Abandon Shelley Sekula Gibbs In Fight Of Her Life

Somebody get this woman some schnitzel!Nobody likes former pretend Congresswoman Shelley Sekula Gibbs: not her staff, who walked out on her shortly after she came into Congress in 2006 for her seven-week reign of terror as Tom DeLay's replacement; not the voters, who opted for Democrat Nick Lampson that year rather than suffer the agonies of spelling her name correctly on a write-in ballot; and not even her fellow Republicans, who now heartily endorse her opponent in Texas' 22nd District run-off. Even Senator John Cornyn, the most vile, slithering, odious thing to come out of Texas since the Barton Springs Salamander, prefers candidate Pete Olson over DraculaCunt's sorry ass.

A letter of endorsement signed by Cornyn and 12 other members of the Texas Congressional delegation suggests that our favorite pretend Congressperson probably can't raise a lot of money for her campaign, except from crazies. "Olson...has the fundraising ability to stay competitive with his democratic opponent," they write.

And if that piling on weren't enough to break poor Sekula Gibbs' heart, mean Pete put up a Web site making fun of her "liberal" positions.

DraculaCunt's ability to completely alienate her Republican peers, combined with her paranoia, erratic mood swings, and hilarious name, are precisely what America needs now -- more than ever! Wonkette urges all readers in Texas' 22nd Congressional District to throw all their mighty weight behind pretend Congresswoman Shelley Sekula Gibbs, that we may have another glorious 7 weeks of her lunacy.

Hell No They Won't Go [Politico]

Letter from the Olson for Congress Committee (PDF) [Politico]

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