FEMA Creep Who Faked Press Conference Gets Promoted!

The job of a public-relations professional is to make the Client look good, and FEMA flack John "Pat" Philbin certainly pulled that off last week, when he created a "press conference" featuring some very friendly "reporters" who turned out to be his own staffers. Getting a bunch of friendly questions from the "press" is no easy task for a federal agency best known for drowning thousands of poor Americans, so it should come as no surprise that "Pat" Philbin is getting a big promotion! He's the new director of public affairs at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence -- that's the new-ish umbrella spy/torture agency that now owns the CIA and NSA and all the other intel shops quickly being outsourced to corrupt GOP-friendly contractors. Congratulation, "Pat"! We all look forward to your positive-message work on the promotion of torture and murder and White House-level intelligence cover-ups.

UPDATE: Not so fast, "Pat." ODNI has revoked the cushy job offer.

FEMA Director of External Affairs Exits Amidst PR Scandal; Lands at ODNI [PR Newser]


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