Ferguson P.D. Now Trying To Pin Robbery On Michael Brown. This Should Go Well. (Updated)


The police in Ferguson, Missouri, had a whole bunch of "supplementary information" for reporters today when theyidentified the police officer who shot Michael Brown. And in that packet were some photos and a police report on a convenience store robbery that occurred minutes before Brown was shot. The official narrative is now that officer Darren Wilson was responding to a convenience store robbery when he stopped Brown, grabbed him through the window of his SUV, and then the two either wrestled over Wilson's gun OR Brown tried to not get pulled through the window of a police SUV, after which Brown was shot to death. Something along those lines.

Did the packet include any information on the actual encounter between Brown and Wilson? Don't be Ridiculose! The main thing you need to know is that Wilson was on the lookout for a Big Black Guy who had just robbed a convenience store, and so it's perfectly understandable that a Big Black Guy (who also had hands capable of throwing Gang Signs) ended up being dead. So let's take a quick look at the incident report, shall we?

Ferguson Incident Report

Doktor Zoom

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