Festival Of Lite


There are many things to do this weekend in DC to celebrate this year's Chanukah (the ancient Hebrew celebration of Christmas), which begins on Monday. For example: you can play limbo with some people from Barbados in their Embassy. And then there's Oasis, and some comic book competition thing, and many other things too.


  • The vaguely 80s, vaguely world-y CSS (or Cansei de Ser Sexy, in some R/romance language) is playing the 9:30 Club.  $20, 7 PM. [9:30 Club]
  • Huge DJ consortium thing at the 9:30 Club tonight, featuring Tittsworth and Nadastrorm. [9:30 Club]
  • The Country of Barbados is throwing an enormous beach-themed party tonight because what else are they doing with their Embassy? Literally nothing. There will be rum, limbo, possibly diplomats in bathing suits. [Washington Post]
  • Bluesy Tennessee-based Last Train home will be at Iota for a full three days, starting tonight. $13, 9 PM. [Iota]


  • Enjoy the alt-country stylings of Rhett Miller at the Black Cat. $15, 9 PM. [Black Cat]
  • This weekend there's SuperArtFight, a competition between comic book and graphic artists. It's in Baltimore (day trip!) and there will be music there too. $10, 8 PM. [SuperArtFight]
  • The Brothers Gallagher bring their hubris and, hopefully, stuff from What's the Story, to the George Mason University Patriot Center. Price vary, 7 PM. [Washington Post]


  • The Shirks, a local band of the punk persuasion, play Galaxy Hut. 9 PM. [Galaxy Hut]

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