Festival Of Lite


There are many things to do this weekend in DC to celebrate this year's Chanukah (the ancient Hebrew celebration of Christmas), which begins on Monday. For example: you can play limbo with some people from Barbados in their Embassy. And then there's Oasis, and some comic book competition thing, and many other things too.


  • The vaguely 80s, vaguely world-y CSS (or Cansei de Ser Sexy, in some R/romance language) is playing the 9:30 Club.  $20, 7 PM. [9:30 Club]
  • Huge DJ consortium thing at the 9:30 Club tonight, featuring Tittsworth and Nadastrorm. [9:30 Club]
  • The Country of Barbados is throwing an enormous beach-themed party tonight because what else are they doing with their Embassy? Literally nothing. There will be rum, limbo, possibly diplomats in bathing suits. [Washington Post]
  • Bluesy Tennessee-based Last Train home will be at Iota for a full three days, starting tonight. $13, 9 PM. [Iota]


  • Enjoy the alt-country stylings of Rhett Miller at the Black Cat. $15, 9 PM. [Black Cat]
  • This weekend there's SuperArtFight, a competition between comic book and graphic artists. It's in Baltimore (day trip!) and there will be music there too. $10, 8 PM. [SuperArtFight]
  • The Brothers Gallagher bring their hubris and, hopefully, stuff from What's the Story, to the George Mason University Patriot Center. Price vary, 7 PM. [Washington Post]


  • The Shirks, a local band of the punk persuasion, play Galaxy Hut. 9 PM. [Galaxy Hut]
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'Miga and Carlos' by Wonkette Operative 'Chica'

It's Father's Day, which means it's time for Yr Dok Zoom and his son to go to brunch and check out the downtown Boise Father's Day Car Show so we can ooh and ah over the very same Corvettes 'n' Mustangs 'n' lovingly-restored classic cars that are there every year, and I will probably once again point at the '68 Beetle converted to run on electricity and say, "Oh look, a Voltswagen!" Traditions matter. (Kid Zoom is 22, so I may also/instead meet him for cocktails later like grown up human people.)

Don't worry about any deep thoughts on the Meaning of Fatherhood here -- we're just going to enjoy the goofy side of dadding, which as far as I'm concerned is the best thing I've done with my time. Especially since my role model for parenting was the unnamed Dad from "Calvin and Hobbes."

As any fool knows, ice rises to the top of liquids because it's cold, and just wants to be closer to the sun so it can warm up. It's all in the book you get when you become a father.

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