Democrats fought hard in 2005 to prevent the Republican majority from using the "nuclear option" to overcome their filibusters, and a mysterious drug gang, the "Gang of 14," or the "Jets," as they are also known, came together to keep the weird parliamentary tactic in place. The GOP has responded, since leaving power, by filibustering just about anything and bear-baiting the Democrats into joining a rival Puerto Rican gang that hates the filibuster, which would make them get stabbed with charges of hypocrisy, and also an angry teenager's knife. Like with just about any legislation, though, the Democratscan't come up with enough votes on filibuster reform to overcome a filibuster. But there may be ANOTHER OPTION.

Sen. Jon Tester, a freshman Democrat from Montana, disagrees with some of his classmates from more liberal states.

“I think the bigger problem is getting people to work together,” he said. “It’s been 60 for a long, long time. I think we need to look to ourselves more than changing the rules.”

Yes, but that is pretty much impossible now because of polarizing ideologies. Sorry, bro. Simple political science.

Democrats don't want to give themselves full powers as a majority because they are afraid that will be used against them once Republicans take power. But of course this is funny to Republicans because they will get rid of the filibuster when they take power again anyway. It's just not tenable to have your agenda held hostage by a handful of people who are almost but not quite 100% your ideological opposites. And Republicans do not usually believe in fairness and listening to the other side and such because those things are weak and faggy, so who cares if the Jets' feelings are hurt? Well, yes, that girl named Maria (David Broder), but whatever.

Democrats are worried about looking hypocritical now; but when Republicans want to get rid of the filibuster when they come back into power, they will just say that Democrats said they hated the filibuster when they were in power, and that they are presently being hypocritical by wanting to keep the filibuster. And Republicans get away with dumb explanations for their actions all the time, so no big deal here, especially since it's not like voters are worried that God gave precious life to this little bundle of parliamentary tactic that is now VICIOUSLY BEING ABORTED.

But apparently there is a thing that is not the nuclear option that could be used for the duration of the next Congress to stop filibusters, if Biden puts it in place at the start of that session. It has not been used since World War II, but the battle between Democrats and Republicans is just as vicious as that war, so why not? [The Hill]


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