Films Remind Us That There's Nothing More Fun Than Killing The Earth


Tonight, Friday, March 12 through Monday, April 19: Improv is great. Fighting is great. And when you combine the two in a Fighting Improv Smack Down where 44 teams duke it out for improv glory, the product, well, is a great, hilarious evening of (violence-free) comedy. [Source Theater]

  • Tonight, Friday, March 12 through Sunday, March 14: Everyone knows that independent films are much better than regular films, regardless of how good they actually are, and thankfully you can catch a whole lot of them this weekend at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival. Tickets are $10. [DC Independent Film Festival]
  • Tonight, Friday, March 12 through Saturday, May 22: The lesson of the week, brought to you by the musical Little Shop of Horrors now playing at Ford's Theater, is don't trust anyone or anything that presents itself as meek or incompetent, because in reality, it will eat you ALIVE. [Ford's Theater]
  • Tuesday, March 16 through Sunday, March 28: As we all learned from Al Gore, films about the environment can be boring, lengthy, and semi-interesting, which is why everyone should be super excited for the Washington DC Environmental Film Festival. It features 155 films and its primary focus is on how the food you're eating is killing the earth, a topic we're sure will make Michelle Obama proud. [Environmental Film Festival]
  • Thursday, March 18: Even though we've had quite a bit of entertainment this week from dear old Congress, not every week is this exciting. If you enjoy a weekly comedy fix, head to the the Capitol Skyline Hotel on Thursdays for their stand-up comedy nights. Admission is $5, and drinks and food will be available for purchase. [Capitol Skyline Hotel]

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