Filthy Bar, Sausage Fest, Cheap Beer: The Raven Grill

The Raven Grill is not a grill. It doesn't even serve food. It's just a trashy old dive bar with the most splendid beer prices ever ($2.50 Miller High Lifes and $3 Sierras) and a decent selection of drinks.

Located right ABOVE in Columbia Heights, in Mt. Pleasant, The Raven has a true neighborhood-bar feel (you don't even feel like you're in D.C.!). The bartenders are welcoming, the dude that checks your ID is chatty, and the place is so small that you have no choice but to fraternize with your cohorts -- a combination of mostly male hipster-toolbags, G-town preppies and townies. Don't come here if you're looking to score hot chicks.

Cash only.

The Raven Grill, 3125 Mt. Pleasant Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20010, 202-387-9274 [map]


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