Fuck You Cat.Ever since its founding by George Washington in 17-whatever-something, the District of Columbia has never heard the thrilling ring of gunfire. Finally, after more than two centuries of firearm-free boredom, Washington will get its very first guns, this month!

Nobody knows how the D.C. vibe will change with the addition of guns. What will people do with guns? Will they just innocently collect the firearms, and perhaps occassionally have "target practice" at picnics, on the National Mall? Or could a few ne'er-do-wells dream up some negative uses for handguns -- uses we probably can't even conceive of, today, in this time of No Guns?

But let's not be negative creeps. This is the time to rejoice, as Washington finally joins a fun little country we like to call the U-S of A.

While handguns have been legal in the District for a month, residents are still unable to purchase guns because there are no gun stores in the city. Charles Sykes is the only licensed gun dealer in the city who is willing to facilitate the transfer of handguns from out-of-state dealers into the District. Sykes, who has been transferring handguns for security firms since 1994, is waiting for the ATF to approve his change of address before he can start doing business again.

Sykes tells WTOP he met with ATF inspectors on Tuesday.

"They inspected my office. They say it should be only a few weeks now, then I'll get my license from the District police and I'll be back in business."

The Guns Are Coming [WTOP]


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