The latest fundraising figures are in (and by "in," we mean somebody called Alvin), and it appearsa thousand dollars have come to Alvin Greene so far in his lack of a campaign. That's 1/3500 the amount his opponent Jim DeMint has actively raised, which is an action out of step with The Way. It's distressing, though, that people have donated any money to Alvin. It won't hurt him, but those people need to realize one shouldn't pluck one's hair out for another.

But how are we to know the AP has reported this correctly? Perhaps Alvin was talking about the Ten Thousand Things, not the thousand dollars. If one converts the Ten Thousand Things into dollars, it does come out to $1,000. It also comes out to $77,528,091,548,705,108,915,407,895,109,815 and $0 and less than $0 and the opposite of $0 and the raccoon of $77,528,091,548,705,108,915,407,895,109,815. And how are we to know if the AP's report of reality is truth?

Wonkette is a wire service. The AP is a jade carving. [Jade Carving]


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