Finding Sushi In The City... Before It's Too Late


Ha ha, now that there will be tons of babies running around DC thanks to Mr. Stupak and his coathanger-friendly amendment, women should start indulging in food that they won't be able to eat while preggers, including sushi. And thankfully, DC is a city full of raw fish establishments.

Nooshi is one of your best bets for sushi. Even though the under-20 crowd (GW students) seems to take over the place, it's big enough that you won't have to wait for a table. Plus, it's always nice to stare at the kids and see how far you've come.

Nooshi has other yummy things like noodles with curry and chicken, chicken Teriyaki, and everyone's favorite, General Tso's chicken, but, really, it's about their fresh, reasonably priced sushi. We recommend the octopus, striped bass and fresh salmon nigiri rolls as well as the rainbow and spicy scallop rolls.

Don't worry, you don't have to dine with GW students in order to eat good sushi. Other options include:

  • Oya: This place is the whitest place (in terms of decor, not clientele) where you will ever eat sushi, and it easily has one of the best happy hours in town. The happy hour lasts until 8PM and includes $5 glasses of wine, $7 premium martinis and half-off almost all of their gourmet sushi rolls.
  • Thai Chef: We like Thai Chef mostly because their happy hour includes $4 "drinks that make you brave" and premium rolls for only $3-$5.

Other great sushi options include Sushi Taro, Sushiko, Zentan and even Whole Foods manages to have some great to-go sushi (made with brown rice no less).


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