Finger Licking, Grape Chrushing, Beer Filled Eats


Wednesday, September 30: DC lost our bid for the gay Olympics, but we still have Fairy Fingers-- homemade marshmallows dipped in chocolate-- and you can eat them for FREE at ACKC tonight from 6:00PM- 8:30PM. [ACKC]

  • Wednesday, September 30: For those in need of a little nostalgia, Sinatra is being brought back to life by the Hudson Restaurant and Lounge. The best part?  Skyy Vodka Martinis will be free from 6PM-8PM and are only $4 for the rest of the night. [Hudson Resturant and Lounge]
  • Thursday, October 1: Stomping on grapes makes wine and everyone know that some feet are just made for stomping. Cafe du Parc at the Willard is hosting a grape stomping festival, Thursday from 5PM-11PM, where you can crush grapes, and eat and drink delicious French food.  [Stompin' at the Willard]
  • Saturday, October 3: 50 of Bethesda's best restaurants, live music, and tons of great food. Yes, people, it's the Taste of Bethesda and you should go and indulge in all the delicious food that Bethesda has to offer. [Taste of Bethesda]
  • Saturday, October 3: 'Tis a day full of Oktoberfests. Best bets include The Capital City Brewing Company's Oktoberfest in Shirlington ($25 for all you can drink beer), Balktoberfest in Silver Spring (this would be the Balkans’ version of the Oktoberfest) and the Vienna Oktoberfest Celebration (a family friendly beer fest). [Capital City Brewing Co., Balktoberfest, Vienna]
  • Food to Look Forward to: Yet another coffee shop is about to open in District and this is one is in our favorite up and coming neighborhood, Columbia Heights. Look forward to the opening of Tynan Coffee & Tea located next to the Five Guys. [Prince of Petworth]


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