First-Edition Churchill Books Don't Come Cheap

  • President Obama hosts yet another one of his famous summits today, this one about health care. [USA Today]
  • Obama "cherishes" a trinket and a book given to him by Gordon Brown, and he worships them like tiny gods by keeping them in a little pagan altar he set up in the Oval Office. [The Hindu]
  • People held candlelight vigils and listened to Regina Spektor music in anticipation of the California State Supreme Court's hearing arguments for and against Proposition 8. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Around the world foreign workers are heading home and ceasing their much-needed remittances to their home countries because there's no work anywhere. [Washington Post]
  • In Jerusalem, a man driving a bulldozer attacked a police car and then a bus before being shot. [Reuters]
  • The president of Sudan has been ordered arrested for atrocities by the International Criminal Court, but so far he's been pretty firm about not turning himself in and telling the ICC where they can put their arrest warrant. [New York Times]

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