First-Ever GSA Blog Brilliant Comment on Banality of Entire Web

jacob.jpgThe GSA (our government's "Gay-Straight Alliance") launched a "weblog" as part of fulfilling the president's long-forgotten 2002 "eGov" initiative. Just like the State Department! It's called "GovGab", which is at least much harder to turn into a juvenile pun than "DippinDotGov" or whatever State called their stillborn attempt at Internets Relevance. It's in the content, though, that GovGab becomes a more embarrassing horror show than State's boring diplomacy site. Let's meet the bloggers!

* Jake! He's the fun-lovin' bro! He's playing an electric guitar! He likes sports! And he loves funnyman Dave Barry! Look out citizens -- at the GSA they observe casual Mondays!

* Marybeth is the "artistic" one. Look at her oddly cropped MySpace profile pic, complete with enough Photoshop filters applied to completely obscure what she might actually look like!

* Sam -- she's a lady, despite the name! She describes herself as a "Southern belle" and her picture is a drawing stolen from DailyCandy or something. And shoes! She loves shoes!

* Nancy "grew up watching GSA's television public service announcements for 'Pueblo, Colorado'" and that is pretty much all you need to know.

* Sommer -- she's six!

* Colleen! Her friends call her "Bean!" She loves the Iggles! She's kinda like Sam except from the north and self-confident enough to post a real picture that looks like it's from an LNS profile. Also Irish! She loves shoes!

This ragtag collection of bureaucrats-in-training demonstrates that the GSA actually does get the blogging thing. It's the whole Internet in one convenient government-sponsored place! And they're here to post rambling personal anecdotes interspersed with links to government websites full of information on gardening, missing children, and 401(k)s.

Does OMB have a blog yet? Is it just Bush's budget request re-written in LOL speak and scrawled on postcards or something?

Gov Gab

Who Are the Bloggers? [GovGab]


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