Fitzgerald Investigation and the Legacy of Watergate

UmpireleakbaseballdirteyeswhatthefuckThe latest head-scratching twist in the Fitzgerald investigation unfolded over the weekend, when Time reporter Viveca Novak wrote about her grand jury testimony informing the prosecutor of a conversation that she had with Karl Rove lawyer Robert Luskin. After learning that Fitzgerald might be calling her to testify, wrote Novak:

"I hired a lawyer ... but I didn't tell anyone at Time," Novak wrote of the days leading up that interview. "Unrealistically, I hoped this would turn out to be an insignificant twist in the investigation and also figured that if people at Time knew about it, it would be difficult to contain the information, and reporters would pounce on it."
With this, she becomes the second high-profile journalist to see the public's right to know as an obstacle and not a cause. Bob Woodward, still inspiring a whole generation of reporters.

[John Gress/Reuters]

Reporter Didn't Tell Editors About Probe [AP]


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