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Oh, just $6.9 million in Trump campaign contributions going directly into the president of the United States's pocket. Super legal. Super cool! (Forbes)

Which goes so nicely with this, in which they explained to David Fahrenthold that they'd broken the hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to Trump into 43 stairstepped payments because the Trump org's credit card machines can only run $10,000 in charges at a time, just coincidentally the amount that triggers a banking report *nods so fast in agreement head becomes fire*.

But he's doing fine, so ignore that coronavirus is going to fuck women and children most, and anyone who says it will make our society more equal is spouting "obscenity."

Like almost all department stores, Macy's was in financial trouble even before the coronavirus hit. The pandemic didn't help matters: Revenue fell 45 percent in the first quarter of 2020. Late in June, Macy's laid off 3,900 corporate employees. Tragic, but unavoidable, right? Except two weeks later, the store's board of directors granted the C-suite management team more than $9 million in stock.

Helaine Olen at Washington Post

Bless the frontline unemployment workers trying to help Oklahoma through their crap system. Poor fucking Oklahoma. (WaPo)

Sorry for so many Washington Posts in a row, but dang New Mexico vs. Arizona, this is what happens when you put people's health first and aren't massive trumpensuckers about it. — Washington Post

Sure fuck it, absolutely, why not.

Dok suggested this tab for you, but I don't think you should read it. (New England Journal of Medicine)

Swedish doctors and scientists all like "What Not to Wear" but with coronavirus. (USA Today)

Are coronavirus "contrarians" either crackpots or grifters? It sure does seem that way! The Grey Lady seems affronted by the peevishness of Alex Berenson, one of her own. (New York Times)

Joe Biden's actual nanny state! — Politico

New York Post article going after the Lincoln Project douches is hilarious. Empty, meaningless, and hilarious. (New York Post)

Daily Mail article simultaneously shitting on pathetic flop Jacob Wohl and also falling for some pretty obvious new lies about "lobbying for Ghislaine Maxwell" — they take Jack Burkman's misspelled lobbying registration document as proof that the pair had been hired by Maxwell — is empty, meaningless, and hilarious. BONUS: Did you know they did a gross porny one about Ted Cruz in October? We must have been busy that day. — Daily Mail

Liz explains the $60 million bribery case against Ohio state Speaker Larry Householder. Thanks Liz! (Above the Law)

Shut up and gimme. — Food and Wine

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I said shut up and gimme!

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