Flooding the Tsunami Zone

We know how hard it is for the weekly newsmagazines to deal with the death of hundreds of thousands of non-readers in a second week after the tsunami disaster so we thought we might offer some help to our struggling friends at Time, Newsweek and U.S. News. Herewith, some cover lines for their second week issues:

1. The Phuket Diet: Slimming Secrets of the Swells.

2. The New Noah: Why Did the Animals survive?

3. What to Tell the Children?

4. Tsunami Chic: Rags are the New Black

5. Tragic Science: It's not Just Water.

6. Anderson Cooper: How Gays View the Crisis.

7. Could it Happen Here?

Uhm, oops....

But we've all got tragedy fatigue by now (and no, we're not just referring to Diane Sawyer). So instead they'll do "Cats: What They Tell us About Math" or "Blogs: Here to stay?" or "Wither the Book." Still, we're sure it'll be as interesting as naming Bush Person of the Year.

Could It Happen Here? You Bet [TIME]


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