Florida A.G. Pam Bondi May Get Trump White House Position Even Though All The Best Girl Jobs Filled

They do seem like natural allies...

Big transition news today, as Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs tells us Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is in line for some kind of job with the Trump White House, though it hasn't been announced yet.

Bondi met with Trump at the Taco Bowl Tower way back in December, but until now nothing appeared to have come of it -- and both Bondi and Team Trump are being very close-lipped about what job, if any, she might get. Bondi was unwilling to comment, saying only, "I'd never discuss anything confidential," just like she never saw any need to say much of anything about the $25,000 donation the Trump Foundation illegally made to her campaign when she decided not to sue holy hell out of him and his fraudulent "university." On a conference call with reporters Thursday, press secretary designee Sean "Sparkle" Spicer said Bondi "has been a very trusted confidante and supporter of the president-elect,” but added,

I don’t want to get ahead of any decisions or any announcements that may or may not come but she has been a very important person both in terms of the campaign and the transition and is a very valued opinion in the president elect’s world right now.

Translation: Yeah, probably, but look at all the jobs Giuliani's name has been floated for.

So if Pam Bondi is being considered for a Trump Job (we're too scared to look whether there's an Urban Dictionary listing for "trumpjob"), what might it be? Virtually everyone named to the Trump cabinet so far has been a white guy (Exceptions: Ben Carson to dismantle HUD, Betsy DeVos to dismantle Education, Elaine Chao to grudgingly keep Transportation going, and Nikki Haley as UN ambassador until we give up on the organization forever and convert that prime real estate to a Trump hotel). It's not clear whether Bondi's being considered to head one of the two open Departments -- Veterans Affairs or Agriculture -- or for some other job in the White House, like special advisor on graft. Bondi has no experience in either Agriculture or Veterans Affairs, as far as we know, but "lacking experience" is the one résumé item that has yet to disqualify any Trump appointee.

What jerb skills would Pam Bondi bring to the Trump White House? We already knows she's got a knack for scheduling, since she put off the execution of a condemned prisoner so it wouldn't conflict with her re-election announcement. So juggling Mr. Trump's busy schedule might be a possibility, though that seems a bit low on the totem pole for someone with her talents.

Bondi is perhaps best known for having dropped a possible investigation of the Florida branch of Trump University -- by complete coincidence, after that $25,000 donation from the Trump Foundation, which was, as we say, illegal. Fortunately, Bondi understood it was all merely a bookkeeping error, so she didn't make a big fuss over it. That might make her an excellent White House Ethics Advisor. The Bondi donation is also one of the reasons New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating the Trump Foundation, so Bondi might also find a place in the Justice Department, possibly in the newly created Revenge Division.

The Florida A.G. also made high-profile news after the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando, when CNN's Anderson Cooper gave her 10 kinds of hell for trying to portray herself as a friend to the grief-stricken gay community after she'd spent years demonizing gays as enemies of traditional marriage. Bondi responded by accusing Cooper of trying to "encourage anger and hate" while everyone was still grieving the gay people she'd tried to protect Florida from, so Cooper gave her another on-air dressing down. This might qualify her as Trump's director of outreach to what he always calls the L...B...G...T...Q community, the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, or possibly the Federal Communications Commission's newly created Revenge Division (all federal agencies are going to have one, you know).

Wherever Pam Bondi ends up, we're absolutely certain she'll be a national embarrassment, so her greatest challenge will be to stand out from the rest of the Trump administration.

[Bloomberg Politics (via David Fahrenthold on Twitter) / Tampa Bay Times]

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