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There are two really important things we want to know about Monday's shooting -- a nonfatal leg injury, thank Crom -- of Charles Kinsey, a therapist in North Miami, Florida. First off, what the hell will the cops (who do a very difficult dangerous job, yes) come up with to explain why they shot a black man lying on his back with his hands in the air? And secondly, what creative excuses will the Usual Suspects come up with to explain why Kinsey had it coming?

According to the Miami Herald, Kinsey was trying to calm down a 23-year-old autistic man who had left a mental health center and sat down in the street to play with a toy truck; police called to the scene shot Kinsey while the autistic man continued to play with the toy. The incident was captured on cellphone video, and for a pleasant change, we're not going to be looking at video of a death -- just the prelude to and aftermath of a wounding, so hooray for that (the person taking the video switched off their phone before the shooting, thinking the incident was over):

Doktor Zoom

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