Florida Dad Is Onto Our Nefarious Plan To Depopulate The World With Vaccines

In the first three weeks of the school year, 1,149 Seminole County, Florida, students came down with COVID-19 — as opposed to 29 students over the same time period last year. This is likely due to the fact that, although the school has a "mask mandate," students can opt out of wearing one with a note from their parents. Given that the kind of parents who would opt their kids out are unlikely to be vaccinated themselves and probably aren't wearing masks or social distancing, these kids are probably the most likely to transmit the virus. So, you know, not the smartest or most effective policy on earth.

Accordingly, the school board held a meeting yesterday to discuss getting rid of the ability of parents to opt their kids out. Naturally, a bunch of wacky parents pitched fits and the school board decided to keep the policy as is, rising infection rate be damned.

While there were many very special people speaking at the meeting, there was a standout. A man identifying himself as Jeff Jones, who said he has a daughter in seventh grade, got up before the school board and "explained" that the vaccines weren't actually vaccines, but rather an evil plot, by the deep state, to depopulate the earth.

In case you are not familiar with this one yet. the current "thinking" of America's most esteemed conspiracy theorists is that evil scientists invented a completely benign virus that never hurt nobody in order to give people vaccinations that would, in fact, kill them.

Jones first explained that he went along with the masking requirement last year, even though he considered that and other COVID protection measures to be "charades," because he wanted his daughter to be in school and he was sure that soon everyone would catch on and agree that he was right about masks. And, at the beginning of this year, the school agreed to let parents opt their kids out, and he was happy about that.

But then the Delta variant came, and Jones just wants everyone to know that "they," the medical establishment and the media, have more variants planned (there are already many more variants, well past Delta, Delta just happens to be the one we are dealing with right now) so that when Delta "fizzles out" there will be a new reason to mask the children. And masks, he said, wrongly, don't work.

Masks are pretty much a device to enslave children, make them obedient, so they just learn to obey and not think for themselves. We need critical thinking. We don't need children that are going to be little puppets that don't say anything to speak out for themselves. We need leaders not followers.

Man, wait til this guy finds out about ... literally everything else that happens in a school. Additionally, if your child's "critical thinking" skills lead them to believe that masks are a plot to enslave them, perhaps instead of allowing you to opt them out, the school should institute a remedial critical thinking class. Because they are not good at that, and neither are you.

Perhaps, in such a class, they could teach "Occam's Razor," the theory that the more conclusions one has to jump to in order for a theory to be true, the less likely it is to be true. Judging by the rest of Jones's statement, this is not a concept he is familiar with.

Also in regards to the so-called vaccine, I like to call it a jab or a shot because it's not a vaccine, it's an experimental drug. And the reason why we're having so many symptoms coming out of our hospitals is from people getting the vaccines. The deep state medical establishment wants all of us to be depopulated. I know you guys think that's a conspiracy theory but it's not. It's a conspiracy fact, they're all in cahoots with each other, to depopulate us, they want us divided. They want all of us to fight each other so they can win.

They who? Win what? What is the grand prize here? And why would "they" invent a virus that doesn't kill people for the purpose of distributing a vaccine that does? Because, frankly, there are much easier ways to kill people if that is your actual goal, particularly the kind of people who think the "deep state" is trying to depopulate the planet and are also willing to shit out their intestinal lining eating horse medicine in order to prove a point. As I have previously explained, were any of this true, it would be the worst plan for world domination, ever.

Additionally, if the goal were to "divide us," one would imagine that a great plan for that would actually be to get a bunch of evil secret agents to show up at school board meetings and explain why the 47 or so completely batshit things they believe should mean their kid has a right to get your kid sick.

Jones went on to explain that he, too, used to be brainwashed by media, used to regularly watch Fox and Hannity, until he figured out that they, too, are in cahoots with "the deep state."

This is good versus evil, evil is not going to prevail. All you've done is awaken the sleeping giant here, every parent here wants freedom except maybe some of them that are brainwashed by the deep state media. I used to watch Fox News deliberately, I'm a conservative I won't even watch that now, because Hannity, all the rest of them are [unintelligible].

Now, he says, the only people he listens to are "esteemed doctors" like Sherri Tenpenny and Simone Gold and the other geniuses of America's Frontline Doctors, who are eager to feed him all of the freaky conspiracy theories and Ivermectin he can handle.

[Ron Filipkowski Twitter]

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