Florida Governor Victimized By Even More Unsubstantiated Gay Rumors

This dude is not into dudes.It is indeed a sad day in America when a "heterosexual" man can't hang out all the time with his many gay friends at a local gay bar acting "very feminine" without somehow getting accused of gayness. And yet that is precisely the position gay Florida governorCharlie Crist confronts as one of the nation's most rumor-dogged opponents of gay marriage. The owner of the Green Iguana bar in Tampa now says that back in the early 90s, when Crist had just begun his political career, the future governor frequented this very gay bar and felt right at home.

Intrepid New Times reporter Bob Norman writes:

When I got Rick Calderoni, the bar's well-known owner, on the phone, I expected him to stonewall me about it.

He didn't.

Calderoni, who is gay, confirmed that Crist came into his bar quite often and that the two of them became friends.

Getting to the point, I asked him if he knew Crist to be gay.

"Yes," he answered bluntly. "I just wish he would come out and admit it. That would be a great thing if he did."

Like that's any kind of proof! Until we see the sweet, sweet photographic evidence there's really no story here. As for this rumor-mongering Norman character, he also calls Bill Clinton a "poonhound," which is at once awesome and deeply troubling and irresponsible. Let's see, what else ...

  • One rumored ex-boyfriend of Crist's served as regional director for Kitty Harris' delusional, delightful U.S. Senate campaign.
  • Another rumored ex-boyfriend is also an ex-felon.
  • Crist is linked to a "wealthy socialite from the Hamptons" named Jennifer Faga.
  • If John McCain asks Charlie Crist to be his running mate, nobody will care about any of this completely pointless, stupid, sleazy, and wrongheaded speculation.

The Talk of the Green Iguana [Broward-Palm Beach New Times]


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