Florida Lawmakers Take Brave Stand Against Fake Testicles

Greetings famous squirrel!With hot-button issues like immigration, the environment, and the failing real estate market crowding the "national conversation" these days, it's nice to see a few ballsy Floridians with the cojones to take on important issues like fake testicles, and how some tasteless individuals like to dangle them from trucks. The brave Florida state Senate passed an amendment to a transportation bill that would levy a $60 fine against anyone with TruckNutz or generic-made fake testicles dangling from their rear bumpers.

Of course, some naysayers are arguing that there are more important things to legislate against than fake balls. Sen. Carey Baker, who proposed the amendment, acknowledged his critics' concerns and said that "I do have more important things to do this session. But I think this is important, too."

TruckNutz are harmless decorations you put on your bumper if you are a closeted homosexual with a genital inferiority complex. You can even put them on your motorcycle, if you are a happily "out" homosexual with a genital inferiority complex.

TruckNutz - The Ultimate Truck Accessory

Florida Senate amendment takes on 'Truck Nutz' [Tallahassee Democrat]


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